Alberto and Ferruccio Grimaldi


A story of generations: from the great-great-grandfather who, in 1930, purchased a farmstead and vineyards in the municipality of Barolo, to Alberto, the son of Ferruccio Grimaldi, who joined the company in 2020, and nephew of Giacomo Grimaldi, who continued his father Ernesto’s work as a winemaker, living in his inherited portion of the farmhouse with one hectare of vineyard, which then became the company’s flagship cru for the production of Barolo Le Coste.

Why this introduction? Simple: we believe in the concept of family, which has enabled us to grow over the decades, focusing on quality and careful work in all stages of the supply chain, from the vineyard to the cellar.

Our story is built on important decisions, like that made by Ferruccio Grimaldi, who began producing wine in 1996, giving the company a new identity. This was the start of the present-day Giacomo Grimaldi label, which represents the territory of Langhe and Roero, thanks to the purchase of new vineyards in the municipalities of Barolo, Novello, Vezza d’Alba and Monforte d’Alba, making a total of 18 hectares.

Ferruccio and his son Alberto continue growing the company through their work, with careful respect for the past and an eye to the future: the complete purchase of the current farmstead launches Giacomo Grimaldi into new investments for the winery. Respecting the concept of family, since 1930. Nel rispetto del concetto di famiglia, dal 1930.