Founded in 1930, this small winery has grown step by step, producing a select number of wines. In no hurry. It released the first bottles of its own in 1996. Four Barolos. Three crus: Le Coste, one of the most important in the entire Barolo area and owned by the Grimaldi family since 1930; Sotto Castello di Novello, made with grapes grown on various plots purchased by Ferruccio Grimaldi, who was fascinated by the area and its excellent aspect. The third, Ravera, in Novello, property of the Grimaldi family since 1980, it was vinified as a Barolo cru for the first time in 2016.
The fourth is a classic, traditional Barolo made from grapes grown in Barolo and Novello.
These are accompanied by a beautifully finessful Nebbiolo from the Valmaggiore vineyard in the Roero area, on the left bank of the Tanaro river. And two Barberas, one aged in wood and the other to be drunk young. Lastly there is a Dolcetto d'Alba which bears all the finesse of these hills.

Two white wines enrich the production: one Arneis, produced in Vezza d’Alba, Valmaggiore hamlet and one Sauvignon, from vignards of Monforte d’Alba, San Sebastiano hamlet.
All from little plots of land pieced together with dedication and the knowledge that the vineyard is what makes the wine.

Barolo Ravera

The Ravera cru, located in the commune of Novello and owned by the Grimaldi Family since 1980. It was vinified as a Barolo cru for the first time in 2016. It is a very intense, mineral, ethereal Barolo with remarkable freshness and sapidity that enhance the great texture and longevity of this wine.

Vineyard: Ravera in Novello

Barolo Le Coste

Outstanding finesse. Visible structure and texture. An austere, noble red with a deep, broad nose, hints of soft fruit, spices and dried flowers…On the palate it immediately unleashes the full power of the great Barolos and the velvety texture of its long ageing. Destined for eternity. Starting with the 2016 vintage the Barolo Le Coste will be released as "Riserva".

Vineyard: Le Coste in Barolo

Barolo Sotto Castello di Novello

The wonderful result of Ferruccio Grimaldi’s winegrowing skills: mouthfilling and densely textured in the glass, the nose is redolent of violets, plum, blueberries, fruit preserve, and liquorice, while the palate is a lasting experience with a finish that seems to go on forever.

Vineyard: Sotto Castello di Novello in Novello


A traditional Barolo: broad, warm, velvety, caressing, balsamic and lingering, the result of grapes from two decidedly interesting vineyards.

Vineyards: Terlo in Barolo, Sotto Castello di Novello in Novello, other vineyards in Barolo

Nebbiolo d'Alba Vigna Valmaggiore

A Nebbiolo with an incredibly elegant bouquet, a wonderful blend of raspberry and violet, warm, full and intense. A long bouquet and good legs. An interplay of tannins and acidity, balance and structure. The elegance of a wine from another era.

Vineyard: Valmaggiore in Vezza d'Alba

Barbera d'Alba Pìstin

You need to be pistìn, or fussy, to make a good Barbera, grandpa Ernesto used to say. Ferruccio Grimaldi has taken this on board to create this territorial, fresh, clean, polished, genuine Barbera.

Vineyards: in Monforte d'Alba and Novello

Barbera d'Alba Fornaci

An elegant, concentrated and juicy Barbera, with a nose of ripe fruit, black cherry, morello cherry and spices, thanks to barrel ageing of fruit from a cru in Monforte d'Alba which makes one of the most interesting versions of this historic Piedmontese variety.

Vineyard: Fornaci in Monforte d'Alba

Dolcetto d'Alba

Simple, fresh, clean, easy drinking: one of the wines that evokes this land at first taste.

Vineyards: in Monforte d'Alba and Novello

Langhe Arneis

My interest and the great passion I have for Roero began in the 1990s when I began to learn about its diverse hill slopes. In 2000 I rent half a hectare in the Valmaggiore area of which I now own 2.5 ha. I started there with the Nebbiolo varietal discovering wines of great elegance from those sandy soils and about fifteen years later I decided to try with the other great native grape of this territory, Arneis. Here I look for all the varietal aromas but also the minerality, finesse and imprint that this great vineyard, the Valmaggiore, can give.

Vineyard: Valmaggiore in Vezza d'Alba

Langhe Sauvignon

In conjunction with the production of Arneis, in 2015, my Langhe Sauvignon was born from a completely different area compared to the Roero. On a plateau facing south in the municipality of Monforte, I chose to plant both the Sauvignon blanc with white berry and the Sauvignon gris, a gray or pink berry and more rarely cultivated in the Langhe area. While Sauvignon blanc brings acidity, minerality and freshness, Sauvignon gris gives vigor power and stands out for its more exotic and pungent aromas.

Vineyard: in Monforte d'Alba