Le Coste
Owned by the Grimaldi family since 1930, Le Coste is a historic Barolo cru, long considered one of the most important in the area. As far back as the 19th century the wine made here was blended with that made in the Cannubi vineyards. South-west facing with chalky clay soil: a timeless classic that yields beautifully polished wines.
vigneti Le Coste
Sotto Castello di Novello
Novello is one of the most secluded Barolo villages. One glance and you can see that this is an ancient, wild part of the world, a picturesque back country of woodlands and gullies…Pick up a handful of earth and breathe in the smell: this is the backbone of Barolo.
vigneti Novello
Ravera vineyard is located on the Eastern slope of the Novello’s territory and it is property of the Grimaldi family since 1980. The soil composition is loam and clay with a high percentage of limestone that characterize the freshness of the terrain and enhance the minerality and longevity of this Barolo wine.
The combination of two vineyards gives rise to the most traditional Barolo made by the Grimaldi winery. A classic that evokes the family’s winemaking tradition, and also for this reason does not bear the names of the two crus.
Monforte d'Alba
The vineyards tended by Ferruccio Grimaldi in the commune of Monforte d'Alba produce part of the grapes destined for Dolcetto and Barbera.
vigneti Monforte d'Alba
This vineyard in Monforte d'Alba produces the classy Barbera of the same name. Chalky clay, medium textured soil. South-west facing.
vigneti Fornaci
Situated in the commune of Vezza d'Alba, this vineyard is a little corner of heroic winemaking: an amphitheatre located on a sheer sandstone drop, where tractors can not go and the vines can only be reached on foot - a hard climb, peering through the rows. Breathless on arrival, but with a smile: this place works miracles on one of the most polished Nebbiolos of the Roero area, and perhaps even the whole of Piedmont.
vigneti Valmaggiore