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Nebbiolo grapes

The Langhe area

In the vineyard

Vines - Le Coste cru

Pruning the vines

Barolo. Langhe. Piedmont. Italy.

The wine of the Langhe area evokes the spirit of the land, its colours and warmth. Eleven villages perched in the hills along the right bank of the river Tanaro, nestling among vineyards: the heart of Italian winemaking. This is the sole production area for Barolo, one of the most important wines in the world. The great reds of the Grimaldi winery are produced in three of these historic villages - Barolo, Novello and Monforte d'Alba. On the other side of the Tanaro, the left, the contrastingly rugged heights of the Roero area yield wines that have a wonderful story to tell. A sip of Nebbiolo d'Alba Valmaggiore reveals the true class that this harsh terrain conceals.

o really understand the area you have to see, experience and observe this rural world, so firmly bound to the land. In these timeless villages it is a quiet life, one of hard work that is rewarded with outstanding results. This corner of Piedmont life is still good, and this comes through in the wine too, evoking the daily toil in the vineyards, the hearty afternoon snacks, the long Sunday lunches. Tajarin pasta, agnolotti, boiled meats, alta Langa cheeses, mouthwatering bagna cauda, Piedmontese beef, truffles which can still be unearthed in the woods beside the vineyards…a riot of flavour that evokes a distant world. And all of this is wonderfully encapsulated in its wines.